Laser Skin Tightening


Skin Tightening without plastic surgery? You've probably heard of the "non surgical facelift." Today, noninvasive Skin Tightening is a reality with the use of Lasers. That’s why we have selected Candela's GentleYag Laser over other skin tightening laser systems, both for its performance and its comfort.

How does the Laser Skin Tightening treatment work?
The laser creates a beam of high intensity light that penetrates deep into skin tissue where it delivers a controlled amount of targeted therapeutic heat. Candela’s Patented Dyanamed Cooling Device technology protects the upper layers of the skin with a cooling burst of cryogen.


How do I prepare for the Laser Skin Tightening treatment?

Your skin should be thoroughly cleaned and dried, removing any makeup, creams, oils, topical anesthetics or self tanning products before laser treatment. The intended treatment area should not be exposed to sunlight or tanning booth light for 2 weeks prior to treatment.


Does the Skin Tightening Laser treatment hurt?

There can be some discomfort with each laser pulse, best described as the snapping of a rubber band on the skin. The discomfort resolves in several seconds. Topical anesthetics are available which are applied to the skin prior to the skin tightening procedure.


How many Skin Tightening Laser treatments will I need?

The number of the Collagen Stimulating treatments can vary depending on the severity of the condition being treated. The number of treatment usually recommended is six. You will begin to see results prior to finishing the series of treatments.


Are there any side effects from Skin Tightening procedure?

Normal side effects may include redness and swelling which will last for 24-48 hours. Rare side effects include pigmentation changes, blistering and bruising. These are very, very rare and generally only last a few days.


What can I expect after the Skin Tightening Laser treatment?

You can expect some redness and swelling which will dissipate in a few hours to 48 hours. Your face may feel warm or feel like you have a sunburn for a few hours.  Cool compress and ice can be applied during after your treatment.


What precautions should I take after the Skin Tightening Laser treatment?
You should prevent sun exposure for a week following treatment. Apply a sunblock (SPF 30 or above) is recommended. Do not scrub the face in the first few days following treatment. Do not use any glycolic or alpha-hydroxy acid products following treatment. Treat your skin gently as if you had sunburn.

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