Platelet Rich Plasma has been used with great success in clinical practice since the 1990's.  It was initially used to enhance wound healing in maxilla-facial surgery (dental implants and sinus elevations.  The latest application of autologous platelet rich plasma now includes cosmetic indications as well.  This skin rejuvenation technique has been used since 2004 in countries such as Japan, the United Kingdom, Spain Portugal and Argentina just to mention but a few.  

Patient sees and improvement in skin and complexion with increased collagen deposition that is long lasting.  The term autologous means that the source of origin is the patient's own body. Platelet enriched plasma contains several million more platelets resulting in more growth factor release and more stem cell attraction compared to the normal wound healing process.  A new way of enrichment is now possible in practitioner's own clinic.  Centrifugation separates the red blood cells from the plasma and platelets.  

The platelets need to be activated prior to injection because active platelets release growth factors and attract stem cells. This course will concentrate on the different areas of injection for facial skin rejuvenation.  

Great results have been shown in areas such as:

  • ŸCrinkling skin around the eyes
  • ŸCheeks and mid face
  • ŸNeck 
  • ŸJaw Line 
  • ŸChest and Décolletage
  • ŸBack of hands and arms
  • ŸMost body areas 
  • ŸStimulates hair growth on scalp